CPA Services

We focus our accounting services on two primary areas:

  • Tax planning for closely held businesses representing the owners in their business tax returns as well as their personal tax returns
  • Advising our clients on tax related matters such as; leases, purchases, sales, etc.

Why Apogee?

Our clients tell us the main reason they’ve chose us initially and continue to work with us is because of our flexibility and accessibility. We call it 100% direct communication. We do this by providing phone numbers both office and cell, email addresses and text messaging. All of which are tied together to allow you and us to maintain direct communication no matter the circumstance.


We provide tax returns as encrypted PDF documents sent to you by email or FTP. Should your situation dictate the possession of a hard copy of your tax return(s) we will provide you with that as well.

Your Privacy Matters To Us

We provide 100% confidentiality to all of our clients. No part of any of our communications nor data will be shared nor sold to anyone.

Should you need to allow access to your data to someone other than the account principles please inform us of such in writing and we will gladly comply.

Your Next Step

If your not already a client of ours but wish to explore that option, please feel free to contact our office directly thru email, text messaging or phone